Albany County's adult smoking rate was lower than in most counties. Its adult vaping rate was in the middle of counties. WYSAC calculated these values using a data file formed by combining answers to the 2019 and 2021 ATS.

Too few high school students participated in the 2022 PNA to report high school smoking or vaping rates. Other estimates are available at Wyoming Prevention Needs Assessment.

Most adults supported tobacco-free schools and smokefree indoor air laws in workplaces, restaurants, and bars. Most adults supported a cigarette tax increase. These data are also from a data file with combined 2019 and 2021 ATS responses.

Key Indicators

Prevelance - Smoking

Prevalance - Vaping

Cigarette Taxes

Percentage of adults who support a tax increase on a pack of cigarettes


Smokefree Laws

Percentage of adults who support indoor smoke-free airlaws in...

NOTES: Charts display data when the sample size is at least 50. Variables with less than 50 respondents display no bar and no data.