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About Wyoming Tobacco Prevention & Control Evaluation

WYSAC’s evaluation of the Wyoming Tobacco Prevention and Control Program (TPCP) assesses the effectiveness of the program and provides information for continuous program improvement. WYSAC provides county-level data to help local coalitions understand community needs related to TPCP issues, and to track programmatic outcomes. WYSAC also provides state-level data so the Wyoming Department of Health can make data-driven decisions about state-level TPCP efforts.     



Laran Despain

Laran Despain is an Senior Research Scientist specializing in the evaluation of public health programs, especially tobacco prevention programs.

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Shinze Kato

Muneyuki (aka Shinze) Kato is an Associate Research Scientist specializing in data management and analysis. His primary tasks at WYSAC are managing, analyzing, and presenting data. He has been working in the evaluation of the Wyoming tobacco prevention and control since 2011.

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