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Prescription Drug Abuse Prevention Toolkit

The Wyoming Prescription Drug Abuse Prevention Toolkit is a collaborative effort between the Wyoming Department of Health and the Wyoming Survey & Analysis Center at the University of Wyoming (WYSAC). Funded through the Wyoming Grant to Prevent Prescription Drug/Opioid Overdose-Related Deaths (PDO), this project is intended to make information about prescription drug abuse and related prevention strategies more accessible.

This website aims to provide resources for prevention workers and other stakeholders throughout the lifecycles of prevention efforts.  It is modeled after the Strategic Prevention Framework (SPF), a five-step, cyclical process to help stakeholders understand and address issues of substance abuse and addiction in their communities. The SPF model includes the following components:

  • Assessment – Using current data to understand local needs
  • Capacity – Building partnerships and resources to have capacity to address prevention needs
  • Planning – Understanding best practices related to these needs and how to effectively implement them
  • Implementation – Delivering the best practices or programs selected in the previous step
  • Evaluation – Taking a look at how practices were implemented and whether they led to the intended outcome

Regardless of what step a community is at in its efforts to prevent prescription drug abuse, this website will provide the information and resources they need to get started, or to enhance work that’s already being done.