• Stephen Bieber

    Stephen Bieber

    Dr. Bieber has worked for over 35 years in the Departments of Statistics and Psychology at the University of Wyoming. During this time he has written numerous research articles in the areas of statistics and psychometrics, and in the social and behavioral sciences. Additionally he has consulted on an extensive list of projects that span the disciplines of social, behavioral, biological, and physical sciences on four different continents. His teaching has included various areas of applied and theoretical statistics, the construction of survey instruments, experimental psychology, research design, and psychometrics.

  • Eric Canen

    Eric Canen

    Since joining WYSAC in 2003, Eric Canen has worked extensively in the evaluation field, primarily focusing on the prevention of alcohol and other drug abuse. Mr. Canen has lead multiple projects including the Wyoming Prevention Needs Assessment, and the evaluation of the North Dakota Strategic Prevention Framework State Incentive Grant. While at WYSAC, he has honed his data analysis, and reporting skills; developing innovative methods to automate the creation of evaluation reports and to streamline the analysis process. Mr. Canen, in addition to his research projects, currently serves as the manager of the Center for Health and Education Studies within WYSAC.

  • Laran H. Despain

    Laran H. Despain

    Dr. Despain has worked on the Synar project and evaluation of Wyoming’s tobacco prevention and control program since 2007. His primary duties have included supervisory responsibilities of the Synar inspections and coverage studies, assistance in evaluating the Wyoming Quit Tobacco Program, reporting of findings from the Adult Tobacco Survey (ATS), and preparation of topical issue briefs and fact sheets to communicate data about key tobacco prevention and control issues to lay audiences. He also works on the evaluation of Wyoming’s Chronic Disease Prevention Program and has evaluated projects for the University of Wyoming’s School of Nursing.

  • Shawn J. Hime

    Shawn J. Hime

    Shawn is a research scientist specializing in research in education, prevention, higher education, positive youth development, educational reform and nutritional health. Shawn's previous position was Chief Information Officer at a large multi-location retail lumber corporation. Shawn has been able to maximize his CIO background with research to automate statistical analyses and report creation. Shawn has also been given a number of opportunities to showcase his diverse background through teaching and professional presentations.

  • Muneyuki Kato

    Muneyuki Kato

    Muneyuki (aka Shinze) Kato specializes in data management and analysis. His primary tasks at WYSAC are managing, analyzing, and presenting data. He has been working in the evaluation of the Wyoming tobacco prevention and control since 2011. He has worked on the analysis of various survey data including, but not limited to, the Wyoming Adult Tobacco Surveys and the Wyoming County Tobacco Surveys. He usually enjoys drinking good coffee and eating honey-flavored yogurt while he works.

  • Janelle R. Simpson

    Janelle R. Simpson

    Janelle has worked on the evaluations of multiple prevention programs. She enjoys doing research that has a positive influence in the world. Janelle specializes in data management and analysis, survey design, and report writing. She also has experience with building evaluation capacity and providing technical support to program implementers. In her free time, Janelle enjoys traveling, eating good food, and spending time with her husband.