• Eric Canen

    Eric Canen

    Since joining WYSAC in 2003, Eric Canen has worked extensively in the evaluation field, primarily focusing on the prevention of alcohol and other drug abuse. Mr. Canen has lead multiple projects including the Wyoming Prevention Needs Assessment, and the evaluation of the North Dakota Strategic Prevention Framework State Incentive Grant. While at WYSAC, he has honed his data analysis, and reporting skills; developing innovative methods to automate the creation of evaluation reports and to streamline the analysis process. Mr. Canen, in addition to his research projects, currently serves as the manager of the Center for Health and Education Studies within WYSAC.

  • Humphrey Costello

    Humphrey Costello

    Humphrey's current research focus is tobacco prevention and control, and in particular quantitative analysis of tobacco survey data. Previously he has conducted research on health insurance and the uninsured; health cost, quality and access under Medicaid; and the efficacy of DUI intervention programs. He has worked in policy analysis of topics including hospital and pharmaceutical law and litigation; Medicaid, Medicare, and managed care; and mortgage and banking regulation. He has expertise in policy research and evaluation; health policy; traffic safety research; new growth economics; quantitative analysis; data presentation; game theory and formal modeling.

  • Rodney Wambeam

    Rodney Wambeam

    Rodney Wambeam, Ph.D. is a Senior Research Scientist at the Wyoming Survey & Analysis Center of the University of Wyoming. Dr. Wambeam was principle investigator of Wyoming’s SIG and SPF SIG evaluations and is currently principle investigator of Wyoming’s Prevention Block Grant and PFS evaluations as well as Oregon’s SPF SIG evaluation. He is author of “The Community Needs Assessment Workbook” from Lyceum Books. In his free time, Rodney coaches short track speed skating, organizes Muggle Quidditch games, and acts in his son’s movies.