Man getting his blood pressure taken

Evaluation of State Efforts to Help Adults Prevent and Manage Diabetes, Heart Disease, and Stroke

Since 2018, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) grant Improving the Health of Americans through Prevention and Management of Diabetes and Heart Disease and Stroke (CDC-DP18-1815) has funded state efforts to help adults prevent and manage diabetes, heart disease, and stroke. The CDC has required states conduct an evaluation of this work. WYSAC has contracts to do this evaluation for three states: North Dakota, Wyoming, and New Mexico.

Under contract with each state, WYSAC is evaluating this CDC-funded work by creating annual evaluation plans, forming evaluation indicators for process and outcome measures, and reporting progress on the evaluation indicators. Over the course of the evaluation, WYSAC will assess the approach, efficiency, effectiveness, sustainability, and impact of each state’s efforts.

The Division of Health Promotion at the North Dakota Department of Health been working with health care providers and other less traditional partners to help North Dakota residents prevent and manage type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol. WYSAC will be helping the Division examine the effectiveness of working with new partners in this work.

WYSAC will work with North Dakota and the Chronic Disease Prevention Program at the Wyoming Department of Health to evaluate their work in the context of working in very rural states with severe winter weather, a population dispersed across large areas with few towns, and limited infrastructure for telehealth services. Although the work is not a direct continuation, WYSAC’s work in Wyoming is related to the previous evaluation of Wyoming’s CDC-funded State Public Health Actions to Prevent and Control Diabetes, Heart Disease, Obesity and Associated Risk Factors and Promote School Health.

WYSAC does similar work for the New Mexico Department of Health, described here.