Dental staff performing a procedure

Evaluation of North Dakota’s Efforts to Help Oral Health Professionals Prevent Heart Disease

Since 2018, the Oral Health Program at the North Dakota Department of Health has had funding from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) grant State Actions to Improve Oral Health Outcomes (DP-1810). The Division has been working with oral health care providers and other partners to help North Dakota residents prevent and manage high blood pressure through improved screening and referral processes.

Under contract with the Program, WYSAC is evaluating this CDC-funded work by creating annual evaluation plans, forming evaluation indicators for process and outcome measures, and reporting progress on the evaluation indicators.

Over the course of the evaluation, WYSAC will assess the approach, effectiveness, and impact of the program’s efforts with process and outcome evaluation work.

This project has some overlap with WYSAC’s evaluation of North Dakota’s efforts to help adults prevent and manage diabetes, heart disease, and stroke because both North Dakota programs work with some of the same oral healthcare providers.


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