Young child standing in a field with a facemask on

COVID-19 in Wyoming: Interactive Data Tool

November 6, 2020 – To help provide a complete picture of COVID-19 in Wyoming, the University of Wyoming’s Wyoming Survey and Analysis Center (WYSAC) has developed an interactive data visualization tool to track attitudes, behaviors and cases surrounding the pandemic.

Users can explore state- and county-level case data, as well as Wyomingites’ attitudes on wearing masks; trusting news sources; support levels for COVID-19-related policies; and much more from recurring public opinion surveys in the state.

“Our tool allows visitors see, side by side, what people think about the pandemic, how it’s changing our daily lives and the community health impact in real time, with case data updated every day,” says Jessica Schillinger, WYSAC’s web and graphic designer.

The website hosts up-to-date Wyoming COVID-19 data, as well as data visualizations of WYSAC’s recurring COVID-19 survey of Wyoming residents — currently in its 10th iteration.

“We hope that this tool will provide a centralized hub for residents, media, and local and state health officials to find information about the current state of COVID-19 in Wyoming,” says Brian Harnisch, senior research scientist in charge of the survey data at WYSAC. “In addition to current case information in the state, users can see and explore trends in public opinion surrounding COVID-19 in Wyoming since the beginning of the pandemic in March.”