About Timothy

Tim Pearson (Ph.D. Colorado State University) is an associate research scientist who came to WYSAC following a 30-year career as an educator. He has lead and assisted in evaluations in education, public health, and prevention. He has experience in the design and analysis of quantitative, mixed methods, and qualitative evaluations. Dr. Pearson is an advocate for using formative evaluation for continuous program improvement. He has experience obtaining IRB approval, developing logic models, writing technical reports, conducting literature reviews, and designing data collection instruments. Dr. Pearson is also familiar with the history and application of quality improvement methods, particularly as they apply to education and health.


Journals and Magazines

Anastasia, T. T., Humphries-Wadsworth, T., Pepper, C. M., & Pearson, T. M. (2015). Family Centered Brief Intensive Treatment: A Pilot Study of an Outpatient Treatment for Acute Suicidal Ideation. Suicide & Life-Threatening Behavior, 45(1), 78-83. doi:10.1111/sltb.12114

Pearson, T., Wolgemuth, J., & Colomer, S. (2015). Spiral of Decline or “Beacon of Hope:” Stories of School Choice in a Dual Language School. Education Policy Analysis Archives, 23, 25. doi: http://dx.doi.org/10.14507/epaa.v23.1524


Pearson, T., Hime, S., Kindler, C., &, Guskin, K. (October, 2014). Continuous Quality Improvement in a Wyoming Home Visitation Program Evaluation. Paper presented at the American Evaluation Association Annual Meeting, Denver, CO.

Pearson, T., & Wolgemuth, J. (April, 2013). Spiral of Decline or Beacon of Hope: Stories of School Choice. Paper Presented at the 17th Shepard Symposium, Laramie, WY.

Pearson, T., & Wolgemuth, J. & Maier, S. (April, 2006). A Multi-Storied Case Study of a High-Ethnicity, Low Income School in a Low-Ethnicity, High-Income District. Paper presented at the American Educational Research Association Annual Meeting, San Francisco, CA.