About Shawn J.

Shawn is a research scientist specializing in research in education, prevention, higher education, positive youth development, educational reform and nutritional health. Shawn's previous position was Chief Information Officer at a large multi-location retail lumber corporation. Shawn has been able to maximize his CIO background with research to automate statistical analyses and report creation. Shawn has also been given a number of opportunities to showcase his diverse background through teaching and professional presentations.


Utilizing Microsoft Excel’s UserForm to Ease Data Entry and Increase Efficiency, American Evaluation Association Conference, 2014, Washington, D.C., 

What is WBBDS? From Torrington to Evanston in 1 gbps. The changing landscape of Wyoming broadband, Presentation to the Wyoming Governor’s Broadband Summit.

Catching a Fish in a Net with Holes Doesn’t Make Sense Either – How to Prevent Gaps in Your Client-Collected Data, American Evaluation Association Conference 2015, Chicago, IL.