About Eric

Since joining WYSAC in 2003, Eric Canen has worked extensively in the evaluation field, primarily focusing on the prevention of alcohol and other drug abuse. Mr. Canen has lead multiple projects including the Wyoming Prevention Needs Assessment, and the evaluation of the North Dakota Strategic Prevention Framework State Incentive Grant. While at WYSAC, he has honed his data analysis, and reporting skills; developing innovative methods to automate the creation of evaluation reports and to streamline the analysis process. Mr. Canen, in addition to his research projects, currently serves as the manager of the Center for Health and Education Studies within WYSAC.


Journals and Magazines

Youth Misperceptions of Peer Substance Use Norms: A Hidden Risk Factor in State and Community Prevention, journal article coauthored with Rodney Wambeam, Jeff Linkenbach, and Jay Otto.


When Evaluation Throws You a Curveball: A case example of Microsoft Office products for multisite data collection and later automated data entry and verification. A poster presentation given at the 2015 American Evaluation Association Conference, coauthored with Janelle Simpson.

Viewing Substance Abuse Prevention over the Long Term. A poster presentation at the 2013 Society for Prevention Research Conference, coauthored with Rodney Wambeam.

Fewer Errors and Faster Results: How to Automate Production of Tables and Reports With Software You Already Own. A presentation given at the 2011 American Evaluation Association Conference.