About Andria

Andria Blackwood, PhD is an associate research scientist. She received her masters degree in Sociology and her PhD in Geography at Kent State University in Ohio. Her research addresses building community capacity, neighborhood effects; the relationship between substance use disorder and recidivism; and the development and implementation of correctional programming for successful reentry. She is skilled in Data Analysis, Quantitative/Qualitative Methods, Proposal/Grant Writing, and Project Development and Management.


Journals and Magazines

  • Blackwood, Andria, and David Purcell. 2014. “Curating Inequality: The Link Between Cultural Reproduction and Race in the Visual Arts.” Sociological Inquiry 84(2): 238-263.

  • Blackwood, Andria, Alec Boros, Tessa Smith, and Adam Donelly. 2016. “Client AWOL Behavior within a Community-based Correctional Facility (CBCF): Connecting Risk Factors and Influences with Masculinity.” Journal of Community Corrections 25(2): 5-14.


  • American Correctional Association Conference. San Diego, CA. January 9 -14, 2020. Oral Presentation. “Launching a Sustainable Gardening Program within a Correctional Facility .” Andria Blackwood, Mike Randle, and Alec Boros.

  • American Association of Geographers Conference. Boston, MA. April 5 – 9, 2017. Oral Presentation. “Examining the Effects of Community Development Block Grants (CDBGs) on Neighborhood Residents’ Levels of Self-Efficacy in Cleveland Ohio.” Andria Blackwood.

  • Kent State University Graduate Research Symposium. Kent, OH. April 22, 2016. Oral Presentation. “Exploring the Relationship between Race, Place, Self-Efficacy, and Community Engagement.” Andria Blackwood.

  • American Correctional Association Conference. New Orleans, LA. January 22-27, 2016. Oral Presentation. “Client AWOL Behavior within a Community-Based Correctional Facility: Examining Risk Factors, Influences, and Issues of Masculinity.” Andria Blackwood and Alec Boros.

  • Oriana House Executive Board Members. Akron, OH. Fall, 2015. Oral Presentation. “Client AWOL Behavior Within a Community-Based Correctional Facility: Examining Risk Factors, Influences, and Issues of Masculinity.” Andria Blackwood and Alec Boros.

  • Race, Ethnicity and Place VII Conference. Fort Worth, TX. October 22 – 24, 2015. Poster Presentation. “Curating Inequality: The Link between Cultural Reproduction and Race in the Visual Arts.” Andria Blackwood.