Reports and Presentations

We tailor our reporting to the needs of the client. For some purposes, a raw data file (in Excel, SPSS or other format) may be all that is required. In other cases, we can provide a basic statistical report showing response percentages; a more elaborate narrative report with cross-tabulations, graphs, and discussion of findings; and/or professional PowerPoint briefings of interested individuals, such as top managers or constituents.

Statistical Analysis

Our research scientists can assist in the application and interpretation of statistical methods. We offer a broad range of statistical analysis, from basic descriptive statistics to complex modeling. Our staff can provide guidance in testing research hypotheses, analyzing the achievement of strategic planning goals, or summarizing large and complicated data sets. The main application used at WYSAC for data analysis is the SPSS software package, but we also use SAS, STATA, and special-purpose statistical software when appropriate. In addition, we offer economic and/or geographic analyses (cost-benefit, GIS mapping, etc.).