Data Tools


A web-based case management system created for the Alcohol Wellness Alternatives, Research, & Education program at the University of Wyoming.


A web-based application developed for the Wyoming Department of Health that allows Wyoming counties to plan and track interventions.

PNA Interactive Graphing

A web-based application that provides an interface to view responses to the Prevention Needs Assessment (PNA).


A web-based sample management system built for the Wyoming Public Health Labratory Chemical Testing Program.

Tobacco Prevention & Control Evaluation

A web-based application with interactive graphing, data maps, reports, issue briefs, and facts sheets related to tobacco in Wyoming.


A web-based case management system developed for the Wyoming Court Supervised Treatment programs and Wyoming Department of Health.


A Windows-based case management system created in collaboration with the Wyoming Division of Victim Services.


A web-based online centralized reporting system designed for the Wyoming Division of Victim Services.