National Memberships

WYSAC represents Wyoming in the Justice Research and Statistics Association (www.jrsa.org) and is a charter member of the Association of Academic Survey Research Organizations. WYSAC researchers also hold individual memberships in various professional societies.

State Advisory Board

The Governor’s Substance Abuse and Violent Crime Advisory Board provides guidance to WYSAC on the needs of state agencies for policy research.

WYSAC & the University of Wyoming

WYSAC’s Executive Director reports to the Dean of Arts & Sciences. A UW advisory committee, consisting of the deans of several colleges, also provides oversight, as does the Vice President for Research and Economic Development. As a unit of the University of Wyoming, WYSAC has complete access to all UW resources for research. These resources range from an extensive library for conducting literature reviews to a faculty with expertise in relevant fields who can be brought onto projects as short-term consultants whenever the need arises. In addition, WYSAC has well-established procedures for managing funds, paying bills, and ensuring appropriate invoicing for work on all its projects. These procedures are required by and subject to rigorous university auditing standards.