The Wyoming Survey & Analysis Center at the University of Wyoming seeks to provide clear, accurate and useful information to decision-makers, on a contract basis, through applied social research, scientific polling, information technology services, and rigorous program evaluation. Without bias and with the highest standards of validity, WYSAC collects, manages, analyzes, and reports data for the public and private sectors in Wyoming and throughout the Great Plains and Rocky Mountains.

Research Ethics

WYSAC is an objective, non-partisan research organization, committed to the highest professional ethics. All WYSAC research involving human subjects is reviewed by the University of Wyoming’s Institutional Review Board (IRB), ensuring protections for research participants. The IRB satisfies all federal regulations and policies, including those in the Belmont Report. WYSAC also endorses and supports the University of Wyoming's Code of Ethical Conduct, the code of ethics of the American Association for Public Opinion Research, and the guiding principles of the American Evaluation Association.