Welcome to WYSAC

The Wyoming Survey & Analysis Center (WYSAC) provides customized research services on a wide range of policy issues to a variety of public and private clients. With a commitment to scientific objectivity, our expertise includes:

  • Criminal justice research
  • Database programming
  • Educational policy
  • Environmental policy
  • Evaluation research
  • Opinion polls and surveys
  • Public health studies

Based at the University of Wyoming in Laramie since 1972, our service area extends to the entire state of Wyoming and throughout the Rocky Mountains and Great Plains. Some projects are national in scope. WYSAC researchers are organized into four internal departments: Center for Health & Education Studies, Center for Information Technology Services, Center for Criminal Justice Research, and the Survey Research Center. Each center has its own particular set of skills and knowledge for applied policy research.

As a unit of the University of Wyoming, WYSAC has complete access to all UW resources for research. These resources range from an extensive library for conducting literature reviews to a faculty with expertise in relevant fields who can be brought onto projects as short-term consultants whenever the need arises.

Latest News

Health Surveys for Wyoming and the Region

Partnership across WYSAC's subunits is providing health policymakers in Wyoming, Montana, and North Dakota with comprehensive information to guide their decisions.

Environmental Projects Go National

WYSAC has conducted a series of nationwide surveys by phone, mail and Internet about national parks and other federal recreation lands.

Issue Brief: Citizens’ Views on Renewable Energy Taxes and Penalties

Members of WyoSpeaks citizens panel weigh in on wind and solar power issues facing the state legislature. From January 11th to 12th, 2017, members of the Wyoming Survey & Analysis Center’s WyoSpeaks panel, a representative panel of Wyoming citizens, weighed in on a number of current issues facing th

Issue Brief: Views of Marijuana in Wyoming

Wyoming residents have changing opinions regarding the use and possession of marijuana, although those opinions continue to be mixed depending on the specific situation. While a majority of Wyoming residents continue to oppose legalization of marijuana in the state for personal use, a large majority